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Joint-Op Request English - Gast - 28-09-21

Contact: L. Fraiser
Unit / Community: 7th Armoured Division
E-mail: t.klimmen@gmail.com
TeamSpeak IP:
Website: -
Gamemode: Co-Op
Date and time: Is still in discussion.
Duration: 2 - 3h
Which Mods: CFS

Those are the general mods. But I have a modpack already finished
Number of players: 25-30 people
Which Servers: Own Game Server,Own Teamspeak3 Server

RE: Joint-Op Request English - Pieter - 28-09-21

Hi Fraiser,

Thank you for your request! I'd like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss what you expect from us and what we can expect of you.
I have visited your teamspeak tonight, but there was no one around.

You can contact me on steam (Pieter | 11th AMB) or discord (Pieter#7507). I'll be in Greece until october 8th, but I can respond to your messages.

Kind Regards,