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Joint-Op Request English
Contact: Chuck Yeager (PR officer)
Unit / Community: FKGaming
E-mail: pr@fkgaming.eu
TeamSpeak IP: ts.fkservers.eu
Website: http://www.fkgaming.eu
Gamemode: Co-Op
Date and time: 20:00
Duration: 2hrs
Which Mods: CUP, RGS, CBA, MBG Buildings 3, RKSL optics, Project OPFOR, ACE, Military Gear Pack, 3CB BAF, TFAR, GOS Al Rayak, Tembelan Island, FA18 Super Horner, NIArms AIO, Ruha, Redd'n'Tank Vehicles, DUI squad radar, FRXA's TFAR Extra Retextured equipment, SU-34SM, Firewill complete, Rosche, Lingor/Dingor, GOS N'ziwasogo, BWMod,
Number of players: 300+
Which Servers: Own Game Server,Own Teamspeak3 Server

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